Ruby Collins is a mother, transformational coach, teacher, speaker, singer/songwriter, musician, entrepreneur, former New York City Police officer, TV producer with energy and has a strong belief in health and wellness. She believes in utilizing her diverse knowledge and impeccable communication skills to assist other women living with breast cancer to improve their lives and free themselves from horrible disease called breast cancer.
Ruby Collins has always been cautious about her health and the lifestyle for many years. She even retired from her job as a police officer to pursue her singing career and live a less stressful life doing what she always dreamed of doing. After singing at the White House for then President Bill Clinton Ruby resigned from the police department to pursue her music career as well as, becoming a teacher and teaching herself to play several instruments as well as her children. her three sons learning to play the piano, guitar, violin, cello, ukulele, bass, drums and more. In 2004 she started her own music school RC Music Place with her three sons who also play as her band and assist in teaching. Just when life seemed to be going well, Ruby was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer stage 2 which was a shock to her considering the lifestyle she was living. She never smoked, drink alcohol, ate meat, or chicken only on very rare occasion however now she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Confused dismayed and devestated by the news considering three months prior she had a mammogram that stated she did not have any cancertumors lumps or bumps and they would see her in 12 months for her annual check up. She took this as an opportunity to communicate to her friends and family about breast cancer diagnosis. Through her social media platform she received amazing responses including the video, the truth about cancer by Bolling, which changed how she viewed her condition. She now took her condition as a turning point to improve her lifestyle and to also help other women in the same condition.
Ruby travelled to Tijuana, Mexico for her treatment at the Immunity Therapy Center for natural treatment. nine months later she decided to the double mastectomy. Doctors learned that the cancer never metastasize nor did the tumor continue to grow during the extent of time that Ruby chose to do natural treatment. Although Ruby had the double mastectomy she refused chemotherapy as ordered by her doctor choosing the holistic route. She was now more mission to share this new found information with her family, friends and anyone else who would listen. Concerned about her children’s lifestyle and diet. She introduced to their diet plenty of fruits, grains, nuts and water cutting out all dairy in their diet and become strictly vegan. She incorporated a daily exercise routine at the nearby gym encouraging her children to work out more to avoid chronic or health related diseases. Since adapting this new lifestyle her children who all suffered from asthma except for one has not had an asthma episode since which in the past has occurred at least every once every two months regularly with at least one emergency room visit a year to now no asthma and no doctor visits since returning from Tijuana, Mexico. All of her children including herself has had eczema and allergies and now no one has any of these issues today because of their new lifestyle.
Currently, Ruby is writing a book, working on a new music for an LP, as well as working on a one-woman show. She has a weekly television series called “How Breast Cancer Changed My Life” which airs every Wednesday at 4:30 on cablevision. Through these platforms she hopes to impact lives and impart the knowledge that she has learned helping women prevent breast cancer. She is now sort after speaker on the topic of breast cancer sharing her incredible story of triumph over breast cancer by living a holistic lifestyle and beating cancer with nutrition and also guides those with breast cancer on how to heal their bodies through healthy methods.